Here's a list of common questions and the answers.

How do I sign up for DSTGAMING Affiliates Program?

DSTGAMING Affiliates program is free to register and sign up. It’s took 24hour to respond your acceptance into the program if you register through online.


What is the requirement for me to join as Affiliate partner?

We will evaluate your criteria and individual basic first before we approve your Affiliate program request.


What is the minimum withdrawal request amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount MYR100 per time


Will carry forward negative balances apply?

Yes, negative balances will carry over month to month.


Do I earn commission on my own deposit and wagers?

No, you cannot earn commission on our own account. None payment will be made on your commission scheme and your affiliate account will terminate immediately.


Will my personal information protected?

DSTGAMING Affiliate will not sell or rent your personal information to any parties. Your contact information is 100% safe with us.